Tullahassee Could Soon Be Without Water

On July 3, a Wagoner County judge ruled that the small town of Tullahassee must pay their water bill to the city of Porter every month until the $33,000 that is owed by Tullahassee from unpaid water bills is paid off.

If Tullahassee fails to make their monthly payment, the city of Porter could cut their water off. A civil suit will continue due to concerns regarding the amount of money that is still owed.

Tullahassee's attorney has requested mediation and the city of Porter is determining the proper steps to take since Tullahassee still owes $33,000.

This month's bill for Tullahassee is $1,319.85, which is owed to Porter on July 25.

If a payment is not made, there is a 10 percent penalty added.