City of Tulsa Preps For Tornado Season, In The Midst of Snow

While the city of Tulsa deals with snow and ice, tornado season is right around the corner.

The mayor is urging everyone to put together emergency kits, including food, medicine and supplies.

There are 89 emergency sirens. 19 of them are being updated.

While the mayor hopes for the best, he says the says the city is preparing for the worst. And right now the city is about 100-thousand dollars over, with overtime.

"It's difficult, to balance the budget. We have to pull it out of some other department. We don't know where it will come from, but it means that something else is going to suffer," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett

Police, fire and the emergency management office are all reminding families to register their safe rooms. You can do that online. The goal is to keep your family safe.