City of Tulsa Ready For Winter Weather

The weather forecast may show temperatures in the 50's... but the City of Tulsa is thinking about snow and sleet.

City leaders say Tulsa is ready for winter weather.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett joined members of the Streets & Stormwater Department, the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency, EMSA, Tulsa Transit and the National Weather Service to outline plans for their winter weather response.

The city has 14,500 tons of salt available for snow and ice covered roads.

That's about 5,000 more tons than last year.

Last year's mild winter enabled the City to carry over most of its stockpiled salt for use this year.

There are also 62 truck mounted salt/sand spreaders, seven more than last year.

The City also has 45 truck-mounted snow plows, also seven more than last year.

The City says their spreaders are assigned to 36 specific routes totaling 1,768 lane-miles.

Spreading and plowing routes are prioritized based on traffic volume.