City of Tulsa Urging Citizens to Pay Use Tax

The City of Tulsa is urging citizens to pay their use tax to the State of Oklahoma this tax season.

Essentially, the use tax comes from out-of-state, online purchases.

Businesses are not required to collect sales tax on those purchases, and for that reason purchasers are required by law to pay what is called the "use tax."

Breck Buchanan, a treasury analyst from the City of Tulsa, said that the City has estimated that about 97 percent of citizens do not pay the use tax, costing the City potentially $10 million in revenue.

To pay the use tax, look at line 20 on the income tax form. Citizens can then look up how much they owe in the income tax packet, according to Buchanan.

Buchanan said that the State does conduct audits on businesses who may not pay their use tax, but is not sure if the State also conducts audits regarding use tax on the individual level.