City of Tulsa's Information Technology Director On Admin. Leave

Tulsa's Mayor Dewey Bartlett announced Monday he has placed Chief Information Officer Tom Golliver on administrative leave with pay.

About three weeks ago, the city's web site was hacked and temporarily shut down, but Mayor Bartlett says the circumstances around the administrative leave are related to a personnel issue, but did not say anything further.

Bartlett has named Tulsa Police Department Captain Jonathan Brooks as interim director of the Information Technology Department.

"Captain Brooks is a proven, experienced and successful manager with the Tulsa Police Department. He is a well-respected leader who can assist with the organizational demands of I.T. until this personnel issue is resolved," Bartlett said. "He has vast knowledge and training in safety and security practices that will benefit I.T. as its staff maneuvers the complexities of the technical systems, networks and connections with the public."