City Leaders Discuss Cost of Mowing, Maintaining Private Lawns

Tulsa city officials are trying to determine this week how much money is spent mowing areas that belong to private residences.

Discussions on the topic are taking place in downtown Tulsa during regularly scheduled city council meetings Thursday. City Councilor Phil Laken is leading the effort in hopes that the City of Tulsa can save of the money for other heavily populated public areas.

"Are we spending $5,000 a month on [mowing private areas] or $100,000 dollars on it," Laken told KTUL. "I'm just trying to take care of taxpayer resources and make sure we are doing what we should be doing."

Laken said that city council members will attempt to figure out how much money is spent in these areas and then determine how to proceed with handling the issue. He mentioned that in the past the City has taken care of certain areas that should have the responsibility of the property owner.

Previous reports from KTUL state that the budget has often forced city officials to leave public areas unattended and overgrown. Leaders are hoping that an overview could also help reign in some of the current budget constraints for Tulsa and free up money for medians and other areas.

Lakin said that any further discussions could involve sending residents notices reminding them about their responsibilities for maintaining their lawns. Notices would also go out to commercial entities.

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