City Officials Ease Water Rationing Order for Grove Residents

Crews in Grove were able to replace a water pump Wednesday evening after an incident earlier in the week force the town under an emergency water rationing order.

City officials told KTUL that the new pump was installed and quickly began pumping water into the system through the main water line. This is after routine maintenance on the original pumps caused a barge to overturn and damage them.

"This is our sole source of water, Grand Lake, and these pumps on this dock were our source to get the water into our system," City Manager Bill Keefer stated at the time of the accident.

City officials were able to lessen the water rationing order Thursday, but asked residents to not fill up swimming pools or use an unnecessary water. Water usage is expected to return to normal after the pump's tank is fully filled in a couple of days.

Crews with the Grove Fire Department arrived to assist during the situation. Firefighters stationed a fire truck near the lake to help pump more than 900 gallons of water into the tower.

Keefer stated earlier in the week that a boil order was not necessary because the levels in the tower remained high. Divers are being back to the lake to assess the old pump.