City Officials: No Plans for City Wide Debris Removal

City officials have no plans to conduct a citywide operation to remove debris after this past weekend's ice storm.

Crews continue to clean up the Tulsa area Monday afternoon filling potholes and removing debris from arterial roads. But you won't find them picking up the fallen trees once the ice melts.

City officials will "continue to evaluate the status of downed trees and limbs, but the intent is not to have a citywide scale operation for debris removal," a statement described. They went on to add that this is due to Tulsa still being in the middle of the winter storm season.

Approximately $30,000 has been spent in overtime for the latest winter storm. And at least 10,000 tons of salt is still available for future use with another 3,000 ordered.

Residents looking to get rid of their debris should take it to the GreenWaste site located at 10401 E. 56th St. North.

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