City Parks Fight Continues As Next Area Torn Down

The City of Tulsa is moving ahead with plans to demolish structures in 9 different city parks. Today, Ben Hill Park was full of heavy equipment, as a bulldozer tore into the community swimming pool there. Once the recreation center was demolished a Manion Park, the bulldozer was moved to Ben Hill Park on Tuesday.

The community was not prepared for the take down. They gathered on scene to watch in disbelief, as they had been working with city councilors to save the pool, The bulldozer took it apart piece by piece. Community leaders showed us their documentation of hundreds of thousands of dollars allocated to make park repairs.

The city confirms that is true but also says this pool and the other recreation centers were shut down 10-years ago. And as for this pool, it was too far gone to repair and too dangerous to be left standing. Still the community maintains they need the pool even if needs to be torn down, rebuilt or repaired. The money is there.

"We are citizens and we have the right to ask that the money is spent where it is supposed to be spent. With the crime being what it is in our community and around the country, we need to be able to get pools open for the summer," explained Rev. Warren Blakney of the North Peoria Church of God in Christ.

The city says they are not demolishing the rec center, only the pool. The mayor says he might consider building another pool, after more research is done to find out if it is realistic.