City Reports 10 Waterline Breaks


Tulsa's Channel 8 Yaremi Farinas looked into the multiple water line breaks in the Tulsa Area on Monday.

Workers with the City of Tulsa have their hands full fighting multiple water line breaks. At last check there were at least 10 breaks in the city. Most of them are located in East and North Tulsa.

"They came to work and turned on the faucet and there was no water," said Hedaya Hammami.

Hammami is the manager of Jumbo's Hamburgers. A business that had no running water Monday morning.

"We have some bottles of water so once the water is out we are out for the day," Hammami said.

In the past two days more than 20 water lines across the city of Tulsa have busted. Sixteen on Sunday and so far 10 reported on Monday.

"That's crazy. Does it have to do with the heat?" asked Hammami.

We asked experts the reason why this is happening. Rick Caruthers, the manager of distributions systems said there are a number of variables causing the breaks.

"The age of the pipe, the time of year, the pumpage and these things are going to happen. If they were preventable we would be fixing them before we have a break," Caruthers said.

Despite the large number of water main breaks in the past two days, Caruthers said this August we are below normal.

"A five year average for August is we have an average of 175 breaks a year. Yesterday we were at 103. So the mild temperatures we've had this August has actually helped us," Caruthers said.

Some businesses and residents were without water on Monday, but the exact number is unknown. Officials said they expect all the breaks to complete by tomorrow morning at the latest.

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