Claremore Day At The Capitol

Residents are celebrating "Claremore Day" at the Capitol on Monday.

Over a dozen Claremore businesses, industries, and tourist attractions will have booths set up in Oklahoma City. This is an effort to help inform lawmakers about their businesses.

The J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum will hold a marksmanship contest at the Capitol, too. The Museum, the world's largest privately held arms collection located in Claremore.

The Davis Museum will have their indoor Daisy air rifle gallery on the fourth floor of the rotunda. "Each elected official will be given a chance to shoot with a Daisy air rifle", said museum executive director, Wayne McCombs "The targets will be judged and the best score will received a custom made Daisy BB rifle."

"We have held a marksmanship contest for children inside the Davis museum and at the Wanenmacher's Gun Show in Tulsa but this is the first time the shooting gallery will be inside the state capitol building."

The J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum houses under 14,000 arms and has over 50,000 total artifacts. Native American items, saddles, spurs, World War I posters, western movie and television memorabilia, statues and a gun making workshop are also included in the one-of-a-kind museum.