5-Year-Old Possibly Sexually Abused at Park

Cleveland Police confirm they are investigating the possible sexual abuse of a five-year-old boy at a park.

Police did not disclose to Channel 8 any potential suspect descriptions, the park location, or other details, saying the investigation is ongoing.

Many Cleveland residents said they believe it happened at the park that sits next to a pool and skate park.

Workers at a daycare facility near that area said the incident is unsettling.

"I couldn't believe that anything like this would ever happen, like I know it happens, but I didn't expect it to be here, because Cleveland is generally kind of a safe place to live," said daycare worker Ashley Kelley.

Another worker described it as a "parent's worst nightmare."

Workers said Cleveland Kiddie Corral is already very strict with its safety standards. Children are never allowed outside alone, even if it is to be picked up.

Kelley said despite the tragedy of this alleged incident, she feels the neighborhood is still a safe one.