Close Call For Cyclist

The incident was alarming but not all together unexpected.

"It seems about once a year there's always some sort of conflict between cyclist and drivers," said cyclist Shane McElravy.

The most recent involved an apparently angry driver who pulled up along side a cyclist...

"And kind of rode him off the road, pushed him off the road, and he was ultimately pushed into a ditch and fell," he said.

"You can not pass within three feet of a cyclist," said assistant Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter. He says some drivers just have a bad attitude.

"I think some people want to make a point in passing bicyclists too closely that if I scare this guy maybe he'll think twice about being out here," he said.

It's a mindset that poses a challenge to cyclists who want to be enthusiastic about a more bike friendly Green Country.

"60 percent of people are interested but concerned about riding on the street," said cyclist Stephen Lassiter.

He's on an advisory committee, and one of the folks who will weigh in on how $4.2 million allocated for a new bicycle/pedestrian master plan should be spent in the upcoming capital improvements package.

"The committee came up with a goal that we'd like to see 50 miles of bike lanes in the city in 5 years," he said.

Right now he says, there's just a few miles of bike lanes in Tulsa, in the meantime, heads up if you're driving in Sand Springs, cause that cyclist could be the assistant chief.

"Putting officers out on bicycles, it might actually be myself with a radio, and when we see motorists pass within three feet of a bicycle, you may get stopped as a motorist and given a citation for passing to closely to a cyclist," said Carter.