Suspect in Hicks Park Murder Trial Found Guilty

Court proceedings have concluded for a man accused of killing two Oral Roberts University students back in 2011.

Darren Price was found guilty in all 5 charges against him which included 2 counts of felony murder, 2 counts of robbery with a firearm and 1 of eluding an officer.

Some members of the jury were emotional as the verdict was returned. They meet tomorrow at 10 a.m. to begin sentencing proceedings.

The prosecutor intends to seek the death penalty.

Closing arguments began on Monday.

Jurors heard from family members of Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols.

Previous reports stated that the young couple were jogging in the evening at Hicks Park. Prosecutors alleged that Price and Jerard Davis shot and killed them before stealing their cell phones and car.

Back in October of last year, Davis pleaded guilty to murdering the two ORU students and received a life sentence without parole.