Coach Blankenship Unhappy With TU's Saturday Practice

It was two weeks ago that the Tulsa football team began preseason camp, and today on day 15 and practice number 14, the Golden Hurricane went through a two-hour workout at Harwell Field on Saturday morning. "We looked good in our uniforms and had great weather, but I think we mentally checked out. We're going on a retreat this afternoon, and I'm not so sure that we didn't emotionally already leave," said Blankenship. "We did not get the work done today that we should have gotten accomplished," added Blankenship. Blankenship did, however, speak about how the defensive tackle position has progressed during preseason camp. "We haven't played a game yet, but I think we're a little farther along than I thought we would be at defensive tackle. Our young guys are a little better than I thought they'd be and they've responded well. I've been pleased with their development," said Blankenship. "I think Lionell (Phillips), Jesse (Brubaker) and Jerry (Uwaezuoke) have really brought their game to another level for them, but they're going to have to do that every week." Derrick Luetjen is the only returning letterman to the interior position on defense for Tulsa. "Derrick has done a good job of being the standard that we have up front. Hayden Carman has really shown up some, and I think he'll be a guy that can help us some with depth," said Blankenship. Following practice, the Hurricane team took part in an annual tradition as the Fellowship of Christian athletes provided watermelon and popsicles for the Tulsa players. Tulsa then boarded buses for a team retreat to Dry Gulch USA. The Hurricane will return to campus on Sunday for film study, but will not return to the practice field until Monday morning.

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