Coaches Hard to Hire, Says Superintendent

Tulsa Public Schools says attracting coaches is becoming a lot harder, like hiring teachers. Head coaches must be certified teachers. Teacher pay is now being blamed for the shortage.

Most football coaches will work at least a 12 hour day during the season. They're going for a winning season, but the district says it seems to be losing ground, when it comes to attracting those coaches.

Tulsa Public School Superintendent, Dr. Keith Ballard says it was hard to find head coaches for this school year.

Head coaches receive teacher salaries, plus a stipend. For football it is about $6700 a year. Basketball coaches receive about $5100.

And one coach told us she could up her pay thousands by crossing the state line.

Dr. Keith Ballard says he has seen how much more competitive it is. "We had an excellent coach at one of our high schools that had agreed to come here and so we quit searching. We had the person we wanted to hire and right at the last minute he backed out. And I am sure it was money," said Ballard.