Coburn Says Defense Cuts Necessary To Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is calling for massive defense spending cuts in light of the looming fiscal cliff .

Coburn says the GOP turns a blind eye on military spending.

The senator, a self-proclaimed "budget hawk", says the Pentagon has a $600-billion budget.

And with efficiency and smart thinking, he says it would be possible to cut 8% of that.

He's recommending cuts would target what he called "non-defense defense spending" .

"Our generals tell us the greatest threat to our nation is not any foreign power, it's not the Middle East, it's not al Qaeda, it's our debt and so everything has to be on the table. Every area of the Pentagon has to be on the table as well as every area of the government."

Senator Coburn says his cuts would save at least $69-billion over 10 years.