Update: Police Identify Homeless Man Found Dead

Police have identified a homeless man Friday morning after he was found dead in front of a west Tulsa building.

Freeman R. Arkeketa Jr., 57, was identified to be the homeless man. He was also previously convicted on charges ranging from assault with a dangerous weapon and forcible sodomy.

On Thursday, Tulsa Police were called to check on an elderly man lying on the sidewalk in front of a business at the Crystal City Shopping Center on Southwest Boulevard.

According to TPD, the man didn't move after police arrived, so EMSA paramedics were called. They pronounced Arkeketa dead at the scene.

Officer Chris Westcott said Arkeketa may have died from the freezing overnight temperatures.

"He may have been huffing some carburetor cleaner and probably passed out and due to the cold last night, passed away during the night," Westcott said.