Cold Weather Not Enough to Deter Bixby BBQ Organizers

Cold weather and wet conditions weren't enough to bring down the spirits of those coordinating the Bixby BBQ N' Blues last weekend.

Upon their arrival to the Washington Irving Memorial Park, festival attendees were greeted by not only the smell of slow-cooking BBQ and lively music, but also occasional rain and windy weather. Despite the setbacks, Mark Musser, president of the Bixby Rotary Club which sponsors the annual fundraiser, tried to look at the bright side.

"What can I say?" he said. "I can say thank goodness for our sponsors."

Musser added in an interview with the Bixby Bulletin that that the festival usually pays for itself with parking and vending fees. Sponsorship money also allows them to give to the community.

He told KTUL's community newspaper partner that the event had a banner year on sponsors. He assured his organization and readers that they will still be in great shape in order to give money back to the community.

And although Musser remains upbeat, he said, "The logistics side of the festival were a total headache with the weather. Our Jupiter Jump cancelled Friday. A different one came out on Saturday. But we still had 93 teams cooking, and they had a great time and loved it."

You can read more about the event and what attendees experienced on the Bixby Bulletin's website.