Cold Weather Signals More Heating System Inspections

Heating businesses told Channel 8 the cold weather means things are getting busier.

Many homeowners are scheduling heating system inspections to get ready for the chilly weather.

"Right now we're just doing the fall maintenance and I expect we'll probably be pretty dog-gone busy," said Ryan Jones, an Airco worker.

Jones inspected a homeowner's heating system in Bixby Thursday morning and Channel 8 tagged along. He told us routine inspections mean checking safeties and censors on the system, to prevent fires and other problems. He said an easy first step in readying your heating system is to make sure the filters are clean and that there are no flammable items near the unit.

Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) offers rebates for heating inspections, often around $30.

The homeowner Channel 8 spoke with said she has her heating and cooling unit checked twice a year, because she once had her heating fail during a cold winter. She said having a warm house to call home is "important."

Heating businesses Channel 8 spoke with said it is important to schedule your inspection as soon as possible to avoid longer waits.