Cole Way Is Leaving The Golden Hurricane For A Golden Opportunity

Since arriving on campus in 2011, Cole Way's goal was to be the best kicker possible for the the Tulsa Golden Hurricane football team. But over spring break he visited his brother's fiance's father who is the owner a training facility in California. He asked Cole to throw a little and he did, but not a football. A baseball.

"I was 89-90 for the first time off the mound in four years." Said Cole, "He basically said I got to get some people to watch this."

Cole was a star pitcher for the state champion Union Redskins in 2010. Apparently the lefty still has some pretty good stuff. Good enough for the Kansas City Royals to drafted him in the 38th round last Saturday.

"The whole family went crazy we were all jumping around, crying, hugging each other. Then he called me about two minutes after that and was like congratulations man you're a Kansas City Royal. Let's get this process going."

The Royals didn't waste any time getting Cole start on his new career. He left Monday for Surprise, Arizona where he'll take part in a four-day mini-camp and then it's off to rookie ball. His time away from the game is turning into a positive.

"You know now I'm physically more mature. I've put on weight and I've got an arm that hasn't been used inn four years. So basically I've got an 18-year-old arm and my 22-year-old body."

"Once I started growing and filling out more I thought I'd probably end up giving baseball another last shot after football. I was honestly thinking about colleges that I could go to, to go pitch at if football didn't work out. I was playing a lot of slow pitch softball just trying to stay around the game as much as I possibly could."

Leaving his teammates at the University of Tulsa was tough he said, but he feels this was his last shot at realizing a childhood dream.