College Teams Living 'A Big Dream' At Bassmaster Classics

Part of the Bassmaster Classic is the College Classic. Teams from Oklahoma State, The University of Oklahoma, and the University of Arkansas hit Lake Hudson this morning to catch their own bass.

Each college has three, two-person teams. The goal is for each team to come up with five bass each because in the College Classic, everyone from your school counts in the weigh-in. The teams say this is a big deal for them to represent their schools.

"To get out there and fishing in stuff not only do you get better but you get more recognized and it makes it easier to pick up maybe some sponsor help," says Arkansas Sophomore, Jared Berkshire.

The college teams started Sunday at 6:30 p.m. and finished by 1:30 in the afternoon. Each team could catch no more than five bass. But they all say no matter where they finish, the experience is the thing most of these college anglers are after so they can get on the professional team someday.

"It's so hard to go from fishing a weekend series to going to pro and the college experience and they way that they are doing it. I wouldn't say an easier way but a more secure way for use to enter into the elite series," says Arkansas Sophomore, Kyle Lowdermilk.

With a packed house to watch the finals of the Bassmaster Classic, these college students are excited to get on the same stage to weigh-in their bass.

"Thousands of people there getting to weigh-in on stage, it's always a big dream to walk across the stage with some big fish," says Lowdermilk.

The University of Arkansas team came in second in the College Classic. Berkshire and Lowdermilk had the biggest bass caught weighing in four bass for 15-pounds 10-ounces.