Collinsville Man Threatens to Kill Multiple People, Gets Arrested

A Collinsville man was arrested Friday afternoon after allegedly threatening to kill a man with an assault rifle.

A female told Collinsville Police that the suspect, Joseph Ferriman, 34, was standing at her door pointing an assault rifle at her. Ferriman reportedly told the female to send a male inside the home outside so that he could kill him.

The female slammed the door on the suspect and called 911. Then the suspect left the residence.

The CPD located the suspect with what they say was a loaded MAC-90 assault rifle and then placed him under arrest.

In the booking process at the jail, Ferriman took a fighting stance and told police he would fight the first officer to touch him, the police report states. Officers then reportedly told him they would use their taser on him if he did not comply. Ferriman then told officers, "bring it."

Collinsville Police tasered Ferriman, and then he allegedly told officers that he had them "in his crosshairs" and that he would kill them. Ferriman is a convicted felon out of Tulsa county.

Ferriman is being held on over $190,000 bond.