Collinsville Plane Crash Victims Identified

The National Transportation Safety Board is in Collinsville, investigating where a plane crashed into a vacant home yesterday. Two people were killed in that crash -- a retired doctor and a fundraiser for Kansas State University.

The NTSB says a piece of the plane was found about a mile from the crash site, although they won't say what part of the plane. They also say it appears the plane was going very fast and out of control when it hit here and then was engulfed in flames.

It's a crash scene, unreal to residents in Collinsville.

"This doesn't happen anywhere," said Randy Tedder. Her brother owns the vacant home the plane crashed into. "It's a freak accident, I'm sure, but it's so sad."

Randy's son called her and told her about the crash. He was one of the first on the scene.

"He called and was crying," said Tedder. "He was upset at what he'd seen."

The NTSB arrived in Collinsville today to begin their nearly year-long investigation.

"We'll start off with the pilot," said Craig Hatch, NTSB Investigator. "We will look at his training, ratings and experience in the aircraft."

The pilot is identified as Dr. Ronald Marshall, a 71-year-old, retired OB-GYN from Manhattan, Kansas. His passenger was 40-year-old Chris Gruber. Gruber was the Director of Development for Kansas State University's Veterinarian Medicine School.

Gruber tweeted a picture of his "ride to Tulsa" yesterday morning. The plane had left Tulsa International airport yesterday evening, returning to Manhattan, when it crashed in Collinsville.

"Basically what we've got is an impact crater, a post crash fire and a lot of scattered, small parts," said Hatch.

There are many pieces for investigators to search through -- pieces that will make a lasting impact in Collinsville.

"Probably a memorial will be set up here," said Tedder. "No house will ever be built here on this land."

The NTSB says no distress call was made from the plane before it crashed. A preliminary report about the crash will be released next week.

Kansas State University says Gruber had worked for the Foundation more than 8 years and was not traveling on university business. Omaha media is reporting the men were in Tulsa for a gun show