Aroma of "Fermenting Poo" Aboard Carnival Cruise Ship

Photo Courtesy: Kathy Davis of Claremore

The commercials portray a Shangri-La of fun and adventure, but when something goes wrong...

"The first three days it was just horrible, trash laying everywhere," said Kathy, from Claremore, out to sea on that now infamous cruise where adventure simply meant going to the bathroom.

"They have plastic bags in trash cans, and you have to go to the bathroom in a trash can and then tie up your bag, throw in another large garbage bag, and then put a clean bag in the trash can for the next person to use," she said.

"Wouldn't that be terrible if it happened to us," said Amy Cole. She works here at Channel 8 and is going on a Carnival cruise this August with a group of friends.

"We have started talking about what we would do if something happened," she said.

But what can you do if your boat stops working?

"You can have travel insurance," said Daniel Karnes of AAA.

Average cost runs roughly 5 to 9 percent of your total fare. Coverage examples?

"Your flight gets canceled, now you've got another hotel booking, or you may have to rent a car another day, it's going to reimburse you for those fees," he said.

"What if you couldn't get back to work, you missed work and you didn't get paid, now would they take care of that?," asked Amy.

Good question, while we didn't find a specific wage reimbursement policy, we did find one that offers trip interruption, paying you 150% of your trip cost. As for Kathy, Carnival has offered to refund the cost of the cruise, pay things like bar tabs, a credit for a future trip. And $500 for inconvenience. Speaking of which, maybe somebody needs to offer a smell policy.

"It pretty much just smells like fermenting poo, and yuck, everywhere," said Kathy.