Colorado Football Coach Teaches New, Safer Tackling Techniques in BA

A Colorado football coach was in Broken Arrow Saturday teaching new, safer tackling techniques to football players and coaches.

"Parents are scared of their kids playing football and this is an opportunity as a grassroots way of trying to teach kids the right way of doing things," said Wayne Voorhees, a certified master trainer with USA Football, who works with the pros in the NFL.

"Nationally, we've seen a drop in numbers with football, because people are starting to get more concerned about concussions, because they see the NFL players and the college players getting hurt," said INFC chairman, Harley Rutherford.

With parents, coaches, and players now more conscious than ever of football injuries and their consequences, Rutherford wants to see the new 'Heads Up' tackling method implemented from the bottom, up. "Kids aren't the pros. They need to learn the proper technique and then, they'll carry those techniques all the way through high school," Rutherford said.

The new technique changes the way players are taught to tackle, specifically, preventing helmet-to-helmet contact - a main cause of concussions in players.

The hope is that the coaches will take these methods home and slowly begin to change the practice for young athletes.

"Football's a great game and as long as we're teaching things the right way and we're trying to keep kids out of contact points that are harmful to them, we're going to be in great shape," said Voorhees.