Comedian Bill Cosby Visits Booker T. Washington High School Wednesday

Comedian Bill Cosby shares his words of wisdom to high schoolers at Booker T. Washington.

The public and the media were not allowed inside the auditorium.

But Cosby spoke afterward at a news conference, where he was presented with a key to the city.

Wednesday morning, he talked to the students about the importance of education.

He says, when it comes to drop-outs, it's not just kids who are the problem any more, it's the entire community.

"It's the street. It's the child's walk to school. It's the attitude. And especially, it's in the home."

Cosby also said It's vital communities get involved especially at a time when governments are cutting education funding.

"So instead of saying they wont give it to us, I think the people need to take charge, they need to get together in their own communities and begin to educate. We have a ton of people who are willing to volunteer to help."

The comedian was also scheduled to speak with community leaders Wednesday about the importance of fatherhood.