Commissioner Fred Perry Resigns, Cites Heart Condition

His resignation official, commissioner Fred Perry is ready to spill the beans.

"Is that a list of things, of dirty secrets you're about to tell me?" asked News Channel 8. "No," he laughed.

Ok well, he is ready to look back on the past 6 years on some of his favorite accomplishments. The county's web site for instance had a C- rating when he took office. He pushed for transparency and today its...

"A real good web site with a lot of information," he said. The rating has been bumped up to an A+.

LaFortune park used to have a dozen dilapidated tennis courts.

"We now have 18 new courts with state of the art lighting, state of the art fencing around them," he said.

Out on Yale, there's a big widening project between 61st & 71st.

"Those are county employees that are doing the work there, that's county equipment doing the work there," he said.

As for getting water in the river, well, that's an ongoing saga.

"We need to replace the Zink dam with new technology, with a new dam," he said.

As for his resignation? The reason lies in a recent brush with mortality.

"Well, I had a heart procedure last fall so that got me started thinking you know about what I want to do with the rest of my life," he said.

He's looking forward to fly fishing in Colorado. So farewell commissioner, on this our final, last ever interview with you.

"You're stuck with me 5 more months too," he smiled.

Oh, ok, well, we'll see you later then.