Commissioner Opposes Mayor's Plan To Extend Vision 2025

Mayor Dewey Bartlett says he may have an idea to pay for Arkansas River Development without raising taxes.

He'd like to renew part of the Vision 2025 tax.

That would pay for low-water dams and other improvements.

Bartlett says 4-tenths of a penny from that tax would provide $288-million over 10-years.

That's far more than the current estimates for the work that's needed on the river.

He thinks if the next river vote is done in the city, instead of the whole county, it will pass.

Bartlett says, "We've had 2 votes in the past that have been county-wide votes that have failed. But the city has supported it strongly. So, I feel that just from a city perspective we have a much chance of passing something."

Bartlett would like to use the rest of the Vision 2025 funding for police and fire departments.

However, some people don't like the idea of one city capturing all those funds.

That's because Vision 2025 was originally a county-wide project approved by voters regionally.

John Smaligo County Commissioner says, "I've arrived at the opinion, that because Vision was clearly created as a regional capital improvement program, that cannibalizing that program now, for those ongoing operational issues for the city of Tulsa or anywhere else, is probably the wrong thing the do."

If that tax was renewed our taxes would remain the same.