Common Core Confusion - Is It Gone Or Not?

It was back in June when Common Core was officially scrapped, with Governor Mary Fallin announcing the change."It's time that we pull together as a state to make sure that we have the highest academic standards possible," she said.And yet, what those standards will be is still up in the air."What we're doing in Tulsa is we just plan to stay the course right now, because there is so much confusion out there," said Tracy Bayles, Chief Academic Officer for Tulsa Public Schools.A confusion compounded by a recent memo from the director of social studies education."The email I received was from the state," said Dr. Anthony Marshall. He teaches social studies at Booker T, and was notified that while Common Core standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics were repealed; for his subject, when it comes to say reading skills; "The student will develop and demonstrate social studies Common Core reading literacy skills.""It actually amazes me that no one had saw the disparity between the documents," he said."It is confusing, it's very confusing," said Bayles.Welcome to the double standard of having no official state standard, yet."We certainly hope to be a part and play a part in helping to develop those standards at the state," said Bayles.In the meantime, in Dr. Marshall's classroom, students hoping to coast without Common Core, should think again."I'm gonna set the bar here. Common Core's probably right about here, but my bar has always been higher," said Marshall.A school district continuing to aim high, as the state tries to figure out where to aim."We're just going to stay the course and wait to see what happens at the state," said Bayles.