Community Gathers As Police Search For Serial Rapist

Tulsa Police are looking for a serial rapist who has assaulted six women.

The Crime Prevention Network and DVIS are teaming up to help citizens protect themselves at the All Souls Unitarian Church on Thursday night.

The public has been alarmed and calling the Crime Prevention Network for tips, information and advice.

The Crime Prevention Network says we should all have our guards up as police search for the perpetrator.

Experts working on this case say the rapist could be searching for his next victim even though there has not been an attack in almost a week.

"We learned is he is probably watching for a really long time before he strikes so that means he is in your neighborhood. He is in your area. So you need to be aware," said Carol Bush with the Crime Prevent Network.

The Crime Prevention Network has a presentation that it will give for any group, church or organization.