Community Outraged Over Locust Grove Coaches Being Fired

"We're all kind of blind sided by this," said parent Joni Flemming.

"I feel like that they've been wronged," said parent Shannon Parker.

The mood was one of dismay, as parents and students ran down the list of now former Locust Grove coaches.

"Johnny Cook is the head wrestling coach, Tony Cook is the assistant wrestling coach," said wrestler Stephan Johnson.

"They lot go of our cheerleading coach, Amy Brown," said parent Lynn Cunningham.

"And then Ronnie Maple was the basketball coach," said student Carissa Warren.

As to why, News Channel 8 has left messages with board members and the administration but has yet to get a reply.

"I'll let you know straight up, I am very, very upset over it," said parent Richard Burton, who got a hold of a board member and shared this much.

"He says that there, that they have done things wrong that he can not discuss to me," he said. Meanwhile, looking on as her cheer team tried to boost her spirits, Amy Brown, the now former cheer coach. We interviewed her but she later asked that we not air the conversation for fear that it would cause repercussions for her in her regular teaching job. But her squad was more than willing to talk about her.

"She's like a second mother to most of us. She's always cared about all of us. She knows everything about us. We're a very close team," said Carissa Warren.

As to how the wrestling coach is doing?

"He's in tears when you talk to him,"" said parent Danny Kelley.

Likewise, basketball players are torn up about the loss of their coach.

"I can't stand seeing this happen to someone I've been with ever since I was in 6th grade," said student Tyler Rowland.

As a show of protest, this Friday, there's talk of kids calling in sick.

"We plan to not go to school Friday," said Sydnie Pierce.

On top of that, a petition is circulating, with the following message; "Athletes would have no direction without our coaches. We already were going in a new direction, the right one. Please sign if you believe our coaches should keep their positions at the school."

Outrage and unrest, as the pirates raise strong questions about whose running the ship.

"I think as a community we just want answers," said parent Joni Flemming.

All four coaches have still retained their teaching positions.