Community Support for American Airlines Employees

With the loss of jobs coming to Tulsa, many families are worried about the future. The Tulsa Chamber says they are doing their part to get more jobs here for these workers and have received dozens of calls today wanting to place those workers with them."We have been overwhelmed with calls from area businesses that say, I need people, I need 25 people, I need 50 people, I need 10 people and I need people with these highly skilled. I need all these different things," says Tulsa Chamber President and CEO, Mike Neal.The chamber is now putting together a list of the jobs already here in Tulsa and since American Airlines has already said they will out source some of the maintenance work there is a plan for that."We are hoping that whoever they contact with to out source this stuff we can get them to come locate next door and use the same employees that have been doing this work for the past number of years," says Neal.But the skills of these workers are the key factor in the community being able to step up and help them find jobs."I think that the folks that would be coming from American Airlines have a lot of skills transferable skills that other Tulsa businesses would be interested in there may need to be a dusting off of the resume," says Transportation Connections WorkAdvance, Program director, Christopher Bernhardt.Bernhardt works with people that need jobs in the aerospace industry and says there are several things these employees can start doing now to make themselves more marketable. Starting talking with everyone you know to network and don't put it off getting all your skills on paper."Treat your job search as a job. I would make sure that in the morning you are up and dressed wether it's making phone calls going to actual visit businesses getting that face to face interaction," says Bernhardt.If you have any questions about aviation and transportation jobs you can contact Transportation Connections WorkAdvance at 918-442-2200.