Community Works to Keep Center Open

It may take the community to save a popular community center. The Greenwood Cultural Center attracts tourists. But after losing state funding--the center is in trouble. Channel 8's Kim Jackson reports on new efforts to keep it alive.

Today, at the community center, the doors are locked because of the holiday but its becoming more of a struggle to keep these doors open.

The Greenwood Cultural Center is known for it's history, the pictures, the stories--the preservation. It's programs for adults and children--nearly gone.

"It's possible that it could close but we are working to keep it open. It is a month by month basis,"

Board Director Dwain Midget says the center needs 120-thousand dollars to make it until July 1st.

"Yes, we could use 120 to 130 thousand dollars to get us to the end of this fiscal year, give us some breathing room so we can look at our long term future," he said.

Fresh Jamms 105, the radio station will soon offer public service announcements.

"Hi I'm SonnyMac from 105. and I'm Kesha the Daytime Diva.

popular hosts will urge listeners to give.

"If you are hearing something and you know in your heart it is part of what you are called to do, not only will you listen but you will go and take and put it into action," said Martha Vaughan, general manager.

The center is working with the Greenwood District to have the area placed on the National Historic Register.

"I think it's really important. It doesn't hurt I think it can only help to have that designation," said Midget.

That could take a while. But in the meantime, you can listen to 105-point 3--and give.

The directors say there are no plans to cancel any booked events. But if you are concerned, call your lawmakers.