Company Anonymously Donates $10,000 To Pay Off Layaway Accounts

A Tulsa manufacturing company is making a brighter holiday for dozens of families, and they're challenging others to do the same.

The company, which wished to remain anonymous, sent a representative to two Tulsa big-box stores Monday.

Their first random act of kindness was at the KMART store near 51st and Harvard. The store said the so called "layaway angel" showed up around 11:00am with a check for $5,000. Store managers said the money will cover more than 30 layaway accounts that have at least one toy on the bill.

Then at 1:00, the "angel" appeared at Walmart near Admiral and Memorial. The same amount - $5,000 - was given there.

This company did the same sort of donation last year and remained silent about it. They chose to tell KTUL to help issue a call to action.

"This year we asked for the attention. The owner of our company wants to challenge as many companies in town to stand up and do the same thing," the spokesperson said. She added that the challenge is also extended to individuals, not just organizations.

They limited their recipients to accounts that had children's toys or clothing to focus their assistance on families that might need it.

Both stores are in the process of contacting the recipients of this gesture.