Complaints About Horses Brought By Concerned Neighbors

"It's really pathetic. I feel so sorry for them and they don't have any feed." Joy Hellard says she makes the drive about three times a week. Each time her eyes go to the pen where three horses are kept.

"The ground is practically dirt. Every now and then there will be hay put out for them and they eat that hay immediately," says Hellard.

Complaints about the horses are nothing new for Kassandra Green who got this horse Dunn two years ago. She says the horses' weight went up and down again.

"We had the vet come look at her again. He said it could take years to get her full weight back up to where she needed to be," says Green.

Green says the horses are fed hay and grain and made a call to get more hay while we were there.

"We just keep feeding her, I mean we're doing everything we can do, but people apparently don't think that's good enough," adds Green.

Numerous calls have been made about the horses welfare.

"We are not interested in prosecuting anybody we're interested in getting help for these horses," says Hellard.

"I've had Creek County Sheriff's Deparment here, I've had Kellyville Police Department here, too many times to count," says Green.

And the complaints aren't likely to end anytime soon.

"I'll just keep dealing with it, just keep telling them.( Is it frustrating?)...Frustrating...very..very.

"I look to see if any of them are dead. It's that severe," says Hellard.

"But I can't..I can't let her go. She's part of me just like all of 'em." says Green.