Concerns Grow For 61st & Peoria Neighborhood

The first shock wave through the neighborhood was from the magnitude of the murders, today's shockwave came from their identities.

"Misty, she was a mother, she used to come say hi to my baby," said an area resident, a man who asked us not to reveal his identity, and as for what we should call him...

"Concerned resident," he said.

There are plenty of those in the 61st & Peoria corridor.

"A lot of people feel it's really unsafe going into North Tulsa, I feel a lot safer over there than I do sometimes at 61st and Peoria corridor," said Carol Bush of the Tulsa crime commission.

The crime commission is heavily involved with various neighborhood organizations and complexes trying to help residents empower themselves.

"There's really good folks over there trying to get those bad elements out of there and they're trying really hard," she said.

"This ain't a bad area man, it's not a bad area, at all, at all," he said.

That's comparatively speaking. He's lived in one of the roughest parts of Chicago.

"I can't believe that this stuff is going on in Fairmont Terrace, right there around the corner. You serious? You got a swimming pool. They ain't got that in the project where I'm from. They got grass over there. Where I'm from they got glass and bullets," he said.

Here they've got massive fences, and gates, and signs that say no guns, but crime scene tape is still as plentiful as the steel bars trying to keep trouble out.

"The only thing that we can do is really try to get more of the good people working cohesively to get these bad guys out," said Bush.

"I had a quote when I used to do sales door to door. It's called DQ; don't quit. When you quit you give up on yourself, you give up on your family, and people are depending on you," he said.

To see a full breakdown of the crime in the area or to check for crimes reported in your neighborhood, check out our special interactive report: 61st & Peoria: Tulsa's Crime Intersection.

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