Concert Benefits Man Injured In Firework Accident

Fans packed the Cain's Ballroom Saturday night to help a man injured in a fireworks accident.

After a firework exploded in his face, Taron Pounds has endured numerous surgeries and racked up medical bills. He has already been through five surgeries and has several more to go.

His favorite band is Led Zeppelin, and his friends have a band called Let's Zeppelin and came together to organize the concert.

Even though he has spent the last several months in and out of the hospital, Pounds says he wouldn't change what happened. "I wouldn't be the person I am today if things had changed," Pounds says.

The concert is all about giving back to Taron's family. "The bills are piling up and everything helps out, even if it pays for one co-pay or one surgery where they can fix my lip," Pounds says.

The drummer for Let's Zeppelin says Saturday's concert was about giving back to a good man. "This is a guy that is fighting every step of the way. There is no reason for any of us to complain about the difficulties in our lives," says Marc Nelson.

Let's Zeppelin was one of three bands that played for Pounds. All the bands gave up their fees so they could give all the money to Pounds.

Nelson says playing for a friend was difficult. "You want to put every effort you can. Even though we aren't taking a dime for this, we have worked since August and we want to make it perfect, and we really want to deliver the best show that we have ever done," Nelson says.

The band members say they will go down in the memory books. "I don't think we have ever done an event that's been special like this. For one, it's for a close friend of ours, and two, it's a hometown show at a legendary ballroom that really makes it all the more special."

Pounds says he's been practicing for weeks to surprise his mother. He will play the last three songs on stage.