Concert For Creek County

One musician is using her talents to help the fire victims of Creek County.Rebecca Ungerman played her "Singin' And Savin' Lives" Concert at Full Moon Caf Saturday night.Other singers like Kristin Nicole, Annie Ellicott, Pam Crosby, Sarah Maud, David Thayer, John Drew Dellavedova and Shelby Eicher also showed their support.The concert supported the Red Cross Disaster Relief.Regina Moon with the Red Cross says, "We've had about 3,000 man hours put toward delivering services and food shelter, everyday medications, and about twenty thousand meals snacks bottles of water have been used in this effort.{} That gives you some idea of the work that's been done to help all of these people who need it so desperately."Patrons also took part in a silent auction that went to support the relief efforts.