Condo Fire Kills Two - Apparently Unattended Cooking

The smoke was incredibly thick, and Susie Poston was praying that her neighbor wasn't at home.

"Beat on her door and screamed her name, and when I did the window broke in the kitchen and the flames starting coming out," she said.

Unfortunately, 51 year-old Jocqueline Easley and her 57 year-old boyfriend George Midcalf were inside.

"They evidently fell asleep," she said.

"Wasn't any signs they tried to get out of the apartment," said Stan May of the Tulsa Fire Department.

Fire fighters say it appears as if it was a cooking fire, as the damage was contained to the kitchen.

"Any time you're cooking you need to make sure somebody is there the whole time," said May.

Together just three weeks, Susie says Jocqueline and George were the picture of happiness.

"She just met him, she just old me last night that he was sent from God to her and I think she was," she smiled.

A fond remembrance to help ease the harsh sadness and shock that her friend is now gone.

"Yeah, it's really, uh huh, yeah. I just hope they never knew what happened," she said.