Congressman Bridenstine Making Rounds At Town Hall Meetings

With handshakes, smiles and hello's, First District Congressman Jim Bridenstine knows this is what comes with the job of being a politician. And, so does what he says.

"Boy that got people's attention," says Bridenstine.

He is referring to a vote against Representative John Boener to a new term as House Speaker.

"That was not my intent. That was a campaign promise that goes back a year and a half. He understands that it's not personal that we're going forward as a team," adds Bridenstine.

Speaking before the Downtown Kiwanis' Club, Bridenstine set the record straight about his time so far as a new lawmaker in Washington. This time, it was voting against emergency help for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"It was laden with things that weren't really for emergency relief."

That was a huge problem for Bridenstine. For those who say he could hurt Oklahoma's chances for future disaster relief aid, he doesn't think that will happen.

"If we have a fire or a drought in Oklahoma and we load it with 64 percent of things that have nothing to do with the fire or the drought, then I'm going to say we have to fix this bill and I'm going to make sure the bill deals with the issue at hand and not with things that we ought not to be putting into an emergency relief package," says Bridenstine.