Conrad Farms Shutting Down Operations in the Fall

One of Green Country's oldest and most loved farms announced they would be shutting down operations in October.

Conrad Farms made the announcement Monday when brothers Vernon, Eugene and Melvin Conrad agreed it was time to retire. The Bixby-based operation will sell the last of its crops and shut down the store that sells produce from the farm on October 1.

Vernon Conrad told KTUL that the brothers decided it was time to retire after being at the current location in Bixby since 1942. Before that the farm opened and operated in another area back in the late 30s.

Along with ceasing operations at the farm, the Conrad's will be selling all their equipment, most of which has already been sold this week. And when the business closes in the fall the family expects to sell the land to a real estate developer that will most likely build homes on the 400-acre farm.

Vernon mentioned that he has mixed feelings regarding the closure. On one side he will be able to fish more, but will also lose valuable employees and miss his customers.