Construction Worker Killed in Work Zone, Reminder to Slow Down

59-year old Patrick Boyles showed up to set up a work zone for the next day, according to police. Officers say he had set up three barrels when a elderly woman driving a truck approached the scene, unaware of the signs that said "workers ahead."

Investigators say the woman hit Boyles and then dragged him for 20 or 25 feet before continuing down the road. The woman reported she had hit a construction cone, and called her husband when her truck malfunctioned from the accident damages, according to police.

Officers arrived and determined that she had hit the construction worker, not a cone or barrel. Police say citizens used the barrels to form a barricade from traffic, so they could do CPR. They also reported that after being run over and dragged, Boyles had stood up. He died at the hospital.

Police say they are constantly doing enforcement with construction zones. Even today, cars sped by. At the last police work zone sting around 90 tickets were given.

"When these workers are working on the streets they literally are risking lives, setting up barrels and doing job they do," said Cpl. Brian Collum, of the Tulsa Police Department.

According to police, they have a zero tolerance policy and will not give out warnings, only tickets in work zones.

Investigators say the woman was not given a ticket. The District Attorney will make that determination, once the investigation is complete.