Consultants Study Downtown Tulsa for Growth Roadmap

"It's the latest example of booming development, the topping-off ceremony of the building across from the BOK center.

"The growth that we're seeing downtown is incredible," said Mayor Bartlett, who, in a demonstration of the hustle and bustle, attended the event at the construction site, then attended at a press conference at The Vault, announcing the hiring of some consultants to help guide downtown growth.

"And that we all are on the same hymn book so to speak," he said.

The city has a master plan for downtown, but what it needs now:

"What we now need to go do is to try to put a sense of time on that plan," said Chamber president Mike Neal.

The consultant group will study downtown for roughly 6 months then produce a roadmap to help keep Tulsa's current buzz buzzing.

"We need to try to make sure we've got a strategy such that we can build on that momentum, such that we can continue that momentum for many years to come," said Neal.

Part of that momentum:

"It's been great, it's been busy," said restaurateur Libby Auld, who's latest endeavor hosted today's event. What does she want to see in downtown's future?

"I want to see more of a cohesive growth," she said.

A game plan for a rapidly changing landscape, to keep the change coming.

"In all likelihood in 5 or 10 years you could possibly not recognize downtown Tulsa," said Neal.