Superintendent Questions Continuous Learning Calendar

Superintendent Discusses Continuous Learning Schools

One school program may not be working for Tulsa Public School students.

Chouteau, Eugene Field, Mark Twain, Kendall Whittier, Marshall and Gilcrease Elementary schools are all on the continuous learning calendar. They start the year early and finish the school year later than traditional schools.

Less than a week into the new school year for these campuses, Tulsa Superintendent Keith Ballard says continuous learning could cost more than it's worth.

At Kendall-Whittier, one of the 6 continuous learning calendar schools, 31 percent of their third graders scored unsatisfactory on the spring exam.

Today about 30 students there are repeating the grade. Another 10 to 15 are in split probationary classrooms.

"I think if you take a look at attendance, take a look at achievement, it certainly does call to question whether or not we are getting what we should out of CLC," Ballard said.

It costs more to run a school on the continuous learning calendar, but the campuses did not see better student test scores.

Ballard says he will form the group soon, and they will look into alternatives such as after school programs and summer school.