GMO's Controlled Chaos: Multiple Uses

Organization Expert, Amy Bates suggests some wonder products to help remove stains from areas around the house.

1. Pumice Stick- great for ring around the toilet stains or even stove-top stains

2. Magic Eraser - these really are magic for grout stains/ shines shower walls

3. Steel Wool- hard water stains on showers

4. Vinegar- it's good for so many things! (Hard water build up on sink drains, carpet stains, etc.)

5. Iron Up Wax Spills- If you spill wax, you can use wax paper and an iron to transfer the wax to the paper.

6. Salt for wine spills- before you rush around for cleaning supplies for that spilled wine, pour some salt on it. It will help draw out the stain to give you time to get other cleaning products.