Controversy Surrounds Tulsa County D.A. Seat

A candidate for Tulsa County District Attorney has filed a petition to declare his opponents to be ineligible for election.

Steve Kunzweiler is asking a court to rule that State Representative Fred Jordan and State Senator Brian Crain cannot be elected.

Kunzweiler is citing a ruling against legislators increasing pay of an electing official, then running for that office.

On June 3rd, Gov. Fallin signed a house bill into law on salary restrictions, and Kunzweiller says that makes both of his opponents ineligible to run for this position.

Kunzweiler says he did not ask to be put in this position. "I am a prosecutor, not a politician," Kunzweiller says. "What is most important to me is to make sure that the continuity of our office is there on January 1st, 2015, because if an ineligible person is elected to that position, which I believe could happen, then every decision of the district attorney will be called into question, and that would put our community at risk," Kunzweiler says.

Fred Jordan has responded to the accusations, saying he is eligible to run. "My opponent's attempt to walk into this critical office unopposed shows as clear misunderstanding of the law and is nothing but a last-minute distraction from the campaign.

The election is June 24th.