Convicted Missouri Killer Confesses To Muskogee Killing, Too

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (AP) - A convicted killer in Missouri hasadmitted she killed an Oklahoma woman in 1994. Odessa Brown was sentenced to life in prison with thepossibility of parole after pleading guilty last week in MuskogeeCounty District Court to first-degree murder in the strangulationof 83-year-old Elnora Riley in Muskogee.The Muskogee Phoenixreports that Brown worked for Riley and saidshe killed her after Riley realized Brown had stolen a ring fromher finger while giving her a manicure. Riley's death was originally ruled due to natural causes and wasnot considered a homicide until Brown confessed in 2010 in a letterto prosecutors. Brown was serving life in prison in Missouri for killing aKansas City man when she says God told her to confess to killingRiley. Information from: Muskogee Phoenix,