Cooler Weather Causing Dry Skin

A lot of people will face dry skin this time of the year and it all has to do with the temperatures we keep our house, office, and car.

When you go inside and outside multiple times a day your skin is going from cold air to artificial warm air causing the skin to dry out. There is one solution to get some of the dry air out of your home and office.

"Small closed areas can be humidified by a portable humidifier," says Dr. Lawrence Gregg, Tulsa Dermatology Clinic.

It's suggested that you put the cool mist humidifier in the room that you spend the most time. But those can be expense so then your bathing habits come into play.

"Take your normal baths or showers. Don't linger to long. Don't take the 16 year-old teenager shower of 20 minutes in hot water that's not going to work here," says Dr. Gregg.

Dr. Gregg says you should use body wash that has moisturizer in it and not to use the organic or lye soaps. You no longer have to leave your body damp to apply lotion.

"They pass into the skin cells and hold the water there. So, there can be a little lag in putting that lotion on. You don't have to be wet all over and put it on," says Dr. Gregg.

Nose bleeds are also a problem this time of year. It's suggested that you carry saline with you if you get nose bleeds often.