Costco Coming to Tulsa in 2015

It was announced today that Tulsa will be the recipient of the first Costco store in Oklahoma.

The membership-only wholesale warehouse club will be located at 103rd and Memorial and is expected to be open by summer 2015.

The store is expected to bring 200 jobs to Tulsa.

"To have Costco in the Tulsa market is a homerun for our city as the lifeblood of core services for cities across the state are based on retail sales and sales tax," mayor Dewey Bartlett said. "This development should add to Tulsa's tax base and continue our mission of bringing jobs and opportunities to Tulsa."

The process of bringing Costco to Tulsa took around two years, a press release from the City of Tulsa said.

Melody Phillips is a fan and we asked her if she'll be among the first customers in line.

"No I can't," Phillips said. "My husband would not want me to say 'yes' to that so I'm going to say 'no,' but I'm excited about it. It's going to be near my house so I'm excited for the city of Tulsa."